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  1992.07 Nantong Sanxin Electronics Co., Ltd. established
  1994.07 Successfully produced the first corona treater
  1999.01 Successfully produced the first three dimension spherical corona treater
  2002.12 Adopted IGBT as power parts of corona treater to improve the machine’s technology and capability, and reach the international level.
  2003.11.17 Obtained the ISO 9001-2000 quality certificate
  2004.05.10 CW3015 received ‘Jiangsu HighTech Product’ award.
  2004.07 CW3015 corona treater----nationally important new product.
  2004.07 CW3015 received the certificate of Jiangsu torch project.
  2005.01.06 CW3015 received the certificate of Jiangsu torch project.
  2005.06 SDLZ multi-layer co-extrusion casting film line---nationally important new product
  2005.07.13 CW range corona treaters and SDLZ range casting film lines obtain CE certificate.
  2005.08 Successfully developed the large power corona treater with power of 60KW.
  2005.09 The First National Casting Technology Proseminar, organized by the Chinese Package Union Plastics Package Committee, is held by Sanxin Company
  2005.09 Produced the first PVB glass interlayer film line.
  2005.09 Received the HighTech Company Certificate
  2006.01 Developed the pipeline corona treater which can treat the 12m length and 1.6m diameter pipeline, and exported it to Russia.
  2006.04.19 3DT range corona treater obtained the name of Jiangsu HighTech product.
  2006.04.20 Obtained recognition of “Chinese Package Outstanding Enterprise”.
  2006.04.20 SDLZ multi-layer co-extrusion casting film line obtained the name of “Chinese Package Brand-name Product”.
  2006.05.18 SDLZ multi-layer co-extrusion casting film line obtained the certificate of national torch project.
  2006.12 The car external use protection film passed the Detection Organization performance test
  2007.01 Cooperated with Italian Dolci Extrusion Srl., to produce 500m/min high speed lines.
  2007.01 Cooperated with Chinese Academy of Science Chem. Research Institute worked out the carboform fibre drawing line.
  2007.01 Successfully produced the special casting film line for the USA Tredegar Film Products Company
  2007.03 Shanghai Sai Yan Machinery Co., Ltd. was Shanghai Polyurethane Industry Development Promotion Center identified as high-performance TPU manufacturing and industrial base
  2007.05 The company name changed to Nantong Sanxin Plastics Equipment Technology Co., Ltd, and registered capital up to 10,000,000 RMB.
  2008.07 Export the PVC Cling Film Line to Canada
  2009.10 Successfully make the BOPP Film Line
  2009.12 Successfully make the Seven Layer Co-extrusion Barrier Film Line
  2010.05 Successfully make the EVA Solar Cell Film Line
  2010.05 Obtained the "Jiangsu Cast Film Line Technology Research Center"
  2010.07 Making the Nine Layer Co-extrusion Barrier Film Line
  2010.08 Obtained “Jiangsu Innovation Enterprise”
  2011.03 Research and development of fabric plasma treatment equipment
  2011.05 Successfully developed high speed breathable membrane production line, speed 108m/min
  2011.05 Successfully developed nine layer co extrusion high barrier film production line, and successfully delivered to the United States listed companies
  2012.03 Successful development, 450mmCPP production speed exceeded 250m/min, Nissan exceeded 36 tons
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