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Nantong Sanxin Plastics Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd establish on 1992, located in Qidong City, Jiangsu Province, the north side of ChangJiang River. After the the project of the "Shanghai-Chongming-Qidong" Bridge is completed, the distance between Qidong City and Shanghai City will be shortened into one-hour.

Our products are Corona Treatment, Cast Film Line, Biaxially Oriented Film Line and Textile Fabric Plasma Treatment.

We are the technology pioneer in China. We afford National and Provncial technology innovation projects much times, and own more ten technology property, obtain the name of “Jiangsu Province High New Technology Corporation”.

Our Corona Treatment list in ten series, and more 100 model, and these Corona Treatments could work in a lot of different material. We could make the biggest power Corona Treatment in China--60KW. Our Corona Treatments are suit to kinds of plastic film, sheet, metal film, aluminum foil, fabric, paper, wire, cable, pipe, plastic seal, textile fiber and other materials. They usually installed in Blown Film Machine, Cast Film Line, Printing Machine, Laminate Machine, Coating Machine, Inkjet Printer, Sheet Extruder, Pipe Extruder, Cable Printing Machine and all kinds of production line. Moreover, we also supply Corona Treatment parts, such as Tension Test Pen, Ceramics Electrode, High-Pressure Joint, Silicon Rubber Sleeve and so on. Our products are standardization, could fit the demand of film industry. Our equipment, human resource, manufacture capacity, technology condition are the first class in domestic area, and accumulate abundant experience in technology.

Since 2001, we start make the Cast Film Line.We cooperate with many universities and institutes, and import the advanced international Cast Film Line technology. In September, 2004, China Packing Association open the China First Cast Film Line Promotion Conference in our company. In 2006,China Packing League award us “China Packing Excellent Corporation” and “China Packing Famous Brand Corporation”. Now the model quantity of Cast Film Line we  could supply is the most in China. Such as CPP Film Line, PE Stretch Film Line, PE Laminate Line, PE Breathable Film Line, PE Emboss Film Line, PE Perforate Film Line, PE Cling Film Line, PVC Cling Film Line, EVA Solar Cell Film Line, EVA Glass Interlay Film Line, PVB Glass Interlay Film Line, Seven Layer Co-extrusion Barrier Film Line, Nine Layer Co-extrusion Barrier Film Line, Extrusion Laminate Line, Special Film Line and other experimental Lines.Our Cast Film Line cover a large percent in domestic market, and export to America, Canada, Brazil, Turkey, Malaysia, India, Vietnam and so on.

Our follow project is the best one in China:
CPP, maximum width is 4500mm.
Stretch Film Line, high speed is 600m/min.
Barrier Film could nine layer Co-extrusion.
EVA Solar Cell Encapsulation Film Line, high speed is 8m/min.
Recently, we developed a new products: Low Temperature Plasma Equipment for
Ecological Fabri Dyeing. Used in textiles industry, could save energy & consumption, and reduce pollution. It is a new breakthrough in the industry.

We insist on “GO FOR TRUTH, HIGH EFFCT, GOOD SERVICE, INNOVATION”. We plan develop into China first class packing equipment manufacture center in follow 5-10 years,.

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