Cast film line maintenance

Cast film line maintenance

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(Summary description)Cast film line maintenance

Cast film line maintenance

(Summary description)Cast film line maintenance

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  • Extruder

1, Regular maintenance of gearbox lubrication and cooling system: We suggest to change the lubricating oil around six months. For the new machine, replacing the oil per three months will be a better choice. Due to the daily operation of the equipment, lubricating oil is easy to decomposition and will be with poor lubricating effect. It will cause loss of protection against bearings and gears.

2, Clean the filter screen of reducer.

3, During the production, it is necessary to regularly observe whether the oil seal leaks oil. Add sufficient lubricating oil if oil leakage and replace the oil seal when working conditions permit.

4, Regularly check if there is abnormal noise. If founded, stop the machine timely, then check the bearings and gears.

5, Ensure that the cooling water pressure flows normally to achieve normal usage effect.


  • Motor

1, All motors should have a clean and dust-free surface to achieve good heat dissipation effect

2, Add lubricating oil to the bearing regularly, it will improve the service life of the motor and reduce its faults.

3, Regularly inspect the wiring terminals for looseness caused by thermal expansion, contraction, and vibration, and handle it promptly.


  • Heating

1, The heating ring may become loose affected by thermal expansion and contraction. During equipment maintenance, it is also necessary to check the tightness of the heating ring.

2, When the temperature is inaccurate, check if the thermocouple is normal.

3, Prepare spare parts like heating coils, heating rods, thermocouples, etc. 


  • Suction system

1, During the production process, the filter screen inside the suction hopper needs to be regularly checked for dust blockage and should be cleaned timely.

2, Pay attention to air leakage or not during installation.

3, To ensure the normal supply and use of raw materials, must keep the good sealing of the hopper and the integrity of the filter screen.


  • Screen changer and hydraulic system

1, When changing the mesh, it is necessary to clean up the remaining material to avoid scratching the mesh plate during the next mesh changing.

2, Pay attention to the pressure, excessive pressure and prolonged use can also easily cause material leakage or the mesh plate to become stuck and unable to move.

3, Check the heating stick working properly or not and handle it timely.

4, The temperature of the screen changer oil cylinder is normally high. The seal ring of the oil cylinder will be aged after long time use. There will be problem that the screen changer can’t be moved. If there is any issue, check the oil cylinder and manual valve.

5, Check if the hydraulic oil (46 # anti wear hydraulic oil) in the hydraulic station is enough or not.


  • Electric control cabinet

All electrical cabinets should be regularly maintained for dust removal, and operators must pay attention to the safety. The power switch must be turned off before maintenance. Clean the dust inside the cabinet by a vacuum cleaner and do not use tools with moisture. And check if there are any loose screws to avoid poor contact and burning of accessories.


  • Cast system

1, During the use of the casting roller, the cooling water is affected by the exchange of cold and heat. Scale will be generated after long time use, which will affect the cooling effect. Regular cleaning of scale in the flow channel is recommended, and it is recommended to clean it once to twice a year.

2, Pay attention to the gap between the die and air knife to avoid scratches, if scratched for small area and do not affect the quality of the film surface, production can continue. If scratched for large area, the roller must be repaired.

3, The limit switch of the casting roller should not be changed and always check whether it is firm or not to avoid damage to the casting roller caused by limit switch displacement.


4, Add lubricated oil regularly.


  • Corona treater system

1, Ozone is highly corrosive, although there is ozone exhaust device, there still may be a small portion that cannot be discharged cleanly. The bearings and rotating joints of the transmission part need to be filled with grease regularly to avoid damage.

2, Clean the corona roller regularly, less or no corrosive solvents is recommended to be used.

3, Clean the electrode with industrial alcohol and soft fabric.


  • Winding system

1, The transmission part needs to be lubricated for maintenance.

2, The solenoid valve doesn’t work sometimes. During maintenance, the air in the air storage tank can be emptied to allow impurities to be discharged to the outside, it can reduce the occurrence of blockage. Pay attention to the safety when venting.

3, If the film is wrapped on the rubber roller, don’t directly cut the film with a blade to avoid damaging the roller.

4, Each action of the winding part is controlled by a proximity switch. Check for any looseness to avoid displacement causing inaction or misoperation.


  • Inline slitting

1, Check regularly if the knife is sharp or not.

2, Use A4 paper to check if it can be cut off.

3, Check for wear on bearings and shaft heads.

4, Check if it is sealed well.


  • Equipment management

1, Inspect the machine regularly.

2, Train the operators frequently.

3, Replace the spare parts reasonably.

4, Establish a maintenance and inspection system, register and record.

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