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  • 2021-05

    Obtained the "Certificate of High-tech Enterprise"

  • 2016-01

    Won "Star Enterprise of Jiangsu Province", "Famous and Excellent Product of Jiangsu Province"

  • 2015-12

    The 4.5-meter high-capacity CPP packaging film production line won the third prize of "China Packaging Federation Science and Technology Award"

  • 2015-09

    "2015 Cast Film Industry Market and Technology Development Seminar" hosted by Sanxin Technology ended successfully

  • 2015-08

    Successfully developed a special corona machine for BOPP

  • 2015-04

    Successfully listed on the New OTC Market, stock code: 832301

  • 2014-06

    Successfully developed a micro-gravure double-sided printing production line and entered the textile field since then

  • 2013-04

    Successfully developed a 3650mm cast PE substrate film production line

  • 2012-03

    Successfully researched and developed 4500mmCPP, the production speed exceeded 250m/min, and the daily output exceeded 36 tons.

  • 2011-05

    Successfully developed a nine-layer co-extrusion high-resistance film production line and successfully delivered it to a US listed company

  • 2011-05

    Successfully developed a high-speed breathable film production line with a speed of 108m/min

  • 2011-03

    Successfully developed textile plasma treatment equipment

  • 2010-08

    Won the title of "Innovative Enterprise of Jiangsu Province"

  • 2010-07

    Successfully signed a contract for the design and production of a nine-layer co-extrusion high barrier film production line with a US company

  • 2010-05

    Successfully developed a high-speed production line for EVA solar photovoltaic cell film

  • 2010-05

    Recognized as: "Jiangsu Province Film Casting Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center"

  • 2009-12

    Successfully developed a seven-layer co-extrusion cast film production line

  • 2009-10

    Successfully developed the first biaxially oriented film production line

  • 2008-07

    PVC cling film production line exported to Canada

  • 2007-07

    Technical cooperation with Italian Dolci Company to jointly produce 500m/min high-speed production line


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